About me



Things you should know about Natalie (that's me!)


I say ‘awww’, ‘perfect’ & ‘lovely’ A LOT.



As your photographer.....


I like to think I am good to have around when you need a calming word and a little reassurance and encouragement. I will tell you that your hair is perfect and that you look beautiful before you set off for the church, and I will mean it.



I absolutely love my job! I am passionate about producing beautiful photography out of real-life moments and consider it a huge privilege to document one of the most special days of a person’s life! I take my job as a wedding photographer very seriously and invest a lot of time, energy and money into equipment, training and education to ensure I deliver the best service possible for my couples.



On a personal note.....


I have an obsession with all things pastel and pink and try to introduce pink into my life wherever possible. Although strangely I mostly wear black? I’m not sure what that means?!


I'm slightly addicted to Parks and Recreation and The Office (US). I'm also a die-hard Disney and Disney Parks fan (sadly Andrew, not so much). I am an auntie to 3 gorgeous hunks (one little. one and two big ones) and take my duties as an auntie incredibly seriously.