Blush Pink and Blue Wedding at The White Hart at Lydgate

Intimate Wedding at the White Hart at Lydgate

It was a feast of gorgeous pastels at Dan and Jodie’s wedding at the White Hart at Lydgate in February. They wanted a small, intimate wedding with their closest family and friends and the Oak Room at the Inn provided the most lovely setting for their celebration.

The day started with Jodie and her bridal party getting ready at home. I was instantly in love with Jodie and Dan’s colour scheme for the wedding and absolutely loved her custom dusty blue shoes which she had customised using jewel-embellished clips which she’d found on Etsy. I thought this was a great tip and made a mental note for future reference! Jodie was so calm, and her mum and auntie and bridesman John helped get the kids suited and booted. When the time came for Jodie to get into her dress the sun starting beaming into her room which illuminated the embellishments on her dress so beautifully and also created a gorgeous rim light on her hair, I was so happy and sometimes the light just falls at just the right time!

Once Jodie was ready, I left her at the house and dashed to the White Hart Inn where Dan was eagerly awaiting her arrival. The ceremony space was stunning with natural light at every turn and I loved the floral woodland arch and peachy pastel sashes on the chairs.

Dan and his groomsmen were in high spirits as Dan debated with them what he should do and where he should look as Jodie walked down the aisle, I told him to do whatever felt natural at the time! He eventually opted to look! Then the big moment finally arrived and Jodie looked absolutely beautiful! Jodie’s son Caleb was the ring bearer and performed his duties perfectly. Amongst the congregation were the couple’s baby daughter Penny, dog Willow, and also some close family members who couldn’t make it in person but who watched remotely with the help of Dan’s mum and her iPhone!

The couple then had some confetti by the hobbit door at the back of the venue and then we had some group shots inside the Oak Room with the woodland arch as a backdrop which looked amazing! I’d highly recommend all my couples invest in something that can be used as a backdrop for group photos as these can really elevate group photos and can also save the day when the weather isn’t playing ball!

After the group shots, we took the couple out for some portraits for 10 minutes just across the way from the Inn where there was open farmland alongside a church with views of Manchester in the distance.

Dan and Jodie’s day was a perfect example of a couple doing their day their way. They managed to create an intimate, meaningful celebration with their very favourite people and they did it beautifully!

Thanks so much for having us Dan and Jodie, it was a pleasure to be a part of it! xxxx

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